realtime profit analysis for the busy restaurant owner

Our Mission

Eyenalyze helps restaurant owners maintain profitability by delivering real-time financial reports on any device. We show you the meaningful data that will take your business to the next level.

Point of Sale Integration

All the data reported by your restaurants' POS systems from the previous day's operations is automatically sent to our servers. We convert this information into easy-to-read, meaningful reports.

Vendor Integration

Invoices from vendor purchases are sent to our website automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry by operators.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

All of Eyenalyze's features are available via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Access, edit, and analyze your data from anywhere – even your lounge chair on vacation.

Automated Accounting

Eyenalyze creates daily sales entries which can be generated and exported into accounting software with ease. This saves clients time and provides useful data that can decrease operating costs.

How it Works

Eyenalyze proprietary API retrieves daily POS sales numbers as well as controllable profit data directly from leading suppliers such as food service, payroll, alcohol and credit card companies. The Conway, Arkansas based company interprets point-of-sale data nightly, creating an accurate and up-to-date picture of daily restaurant profitability. The easy-to-read dashboard of reports is accessible online at any time through web or mobile devices. You can be up-to date by the time you finish your cup of coffee.

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